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Hi, I'm MC.

I read, review, and write Sapphic books.

Born of Blood and Magic book cover
Born of blood and Magic book title

They're Destined To Fall In Love, If They Don't Kill Each Other First


Violet “Vy” Finch is a vampire cursed, for the very blood she needs is poison to her. Suffering unquenchable hunger and shunned for being of mixed lineage, Vy searches desperately for her mother who disappeared over a decade ago—the one person who may be able to heal her. Unfortunately, a great sorceress prophesies that Vy will only get what she wants if Petra Malkovitch willingly works with her to find a magical relic with the power to change everything.


Petra Malkovitch is an assassin. A member of the Order of Light—a shadowy organization that hunts supernatural creatures for profit—she wants only to kill the vampire who took away the last of her family. When Petra's attempt on Vy's life is thwarted, she is shocked when her greatest enemy tells her that they can rewrite their pasts if they team up.

But is a common goal enough to bring them together, or will betrayal happen at the earliest opportunity?

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